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Case Studies

D.S.E. have produced some high quality parts for the Automotive and Broadcast Industries. Here are some great examples of what we can manufacture.

Project: Heat Sink

Material(s): HE30 Aluminium

Industry application: Professional filming equipment

Item Description

A passive heat exchanger (heat sink) used to transfer the heat generated by a HD video camera. A pretty little piece of engineering.

Project: Hotel Chandelier

Material(s): Various

Industry application: Professional / Decorative

Item Description

Bespoke chandeliers created to customer requirement, hotel decorative.

Project: Decorative Table

Material(s): Various

Industry application: Hotel show piece

Item Description

Bespoke table crafted to customer requirement, decorative hotel piece

Project: Bespoke railing and gates

Material(s): Iron

Industry application: Domestic / business decorative, safety

Item Description

Decorative Iron railing and gates crafted to personal requirement.

Project: Load Cells

Material(s): EN8

Industry application: Rail

Item Description

Various examples of movement sensors used to sense excessive movement of railway track. Diameters exceed 10 inches

Project: Machined Frames

Material(s): Grade aluminium

Industry application: Media

Item Description

Various machined framework, demonstrating our machining capability exceeding 1000mm in length.

Project: Specialist Tooling

Material(s): Various

Industry application: Motorsport

Item Description

Specialist tooling made for a Nissan GTR racing team.

Project: Stainless Steel Enclosure

Material(s): 316 Stainless Steel

Industry application: Various

Item Description

Waterproof stainless steel enclosure.

Project: Module Casing

Material(s): HE30 Aluminium

Industry application: Professional film equipment

Item Description

Module casing used in HD camera equipment.

Project: Location Wheel

Material(s): Stainless Steel

Industry application: Commercial

Item Description

Pulley wheels machined to customer requirement – various sizes -combination mill turn – Weld

Project: Starport sign

Material(s): Stainless steel and aluminium

Industry application: Signs and display

Item Description

This week we have produced a stainless 3D sign for a customer, constructed and hand formed from 316 stainless steel sheet with an aluminium base/mount the results speak for their self.

Project: Cabinet work station

Material(s): Mild Steel

Industry application: Workshops Varied

Item Description

Mild steel double folded construction for ultimate strength and longer life when used, double doors at the front equally as strong with integrated lock for extra security. Single centre shelf for storage double folded construction also for added strength. All weather and application resistant powder coat inside and out.